What are Dry Risers & Sprinklers?

Sprinklers and Dry Risers are fire suppression systems that bring large quantities of water directly to the locations where it is needed. As a result they offer an extremely effective means of fire protection.

Sprinkler systems consists of pipes that are kept full off water, leading to sprinkler heads located at suitable points where the water is most likely to be required. A dry riser system is similar except that the pipes are not kept full of water (usually where there is a risk of freezing) but instead contains pressurised air and valves to let water through if a fire is detected.

In dry riser systems, the Fire Brigade would connect their hoses to the inlet and pump water in. With sprinkler systems, detectors are used throughout the building to automatically trigger the suppression system if a fire is detected. These systems are commonly used in commercial premises and increasingly also in domestic properties where owners want to limit potential damage to their property.