Fire Curtain Installations

We install Fire Cavity Barriers to prevent the spread of fire through ceilings, roof spaces, and raised access floors in a building.

Buildings have to follow national standards of compartmentation, where a building’s structure is divided by Cavity Barriers. This keeps a fire in the area where it started for as long as possible to reduce the risk of fire, smoke and gas spreading. Because such a large number of buildings contain hidden cavities and voids within them; Cavity Barriers are of the highest importance.

At JW Simpkin Ltd we offer a wide range of barrier products that we expertly install on site with the highest standard of safety and quality. These barriers will maintain integrity over the lifespan of a building giving you peace of mind.

Air Sealing Installations

JW Simpkin Ltd are experts in cost-effective and highly efficient Air Sealing. We seal all joints and gaps within buildings to improve air flow efficiency.

The leak and unwanted escape of air within a building can heavily increase the spread of flames in the event of a fire and can also impact on energy efficiency. Other benefits of Air Sealing also include; Reduction in costs of internal cooling and heating, improves air quality inside the building and is environmentally friendly.

The installation of these air sealing systems also helps prevent the need for any further work concerning air-flow in the future which reduces costs and disruption in your workplace.

Get in touch with us to discuss the many cavity barrier products we can install.